Is your boat’s fuel ready for the trip?

Our services include: 
mobile service to remote locations
tank cleaning & fuel polishing
tank inspections

water removal

contamination & debris removal

fuel transfer to suitable containers

pressure testing












You’re making a rough
crossing, and you’ve made sure your boat is ship-shape, but your fuel is sloshing around inside your tank, stirring up contamination that has settled on the bottom over time, and now your engine starts to run roughly.  Will it keep going?  Is it going to quit?  It’s the last thing you need in seas like these.  

It’s been a while since you’ve used your boat.  Your gear and supplies have been loaded, and your crew and guests are on the dock.  You crank the engine, and it merely sputters to life.  The exhaust is smoky.  What do you do?  Take a chance and head out, or inform everyone that the trip is off?  

You’re approaching the dock and your motor keeps quitting, especially at low rpm and between forward and reverse.  The tide is running and you are nervous, because you know this might end in one of three different ways; embarrassing, expensive or both!  Could this have been prevented?

You’ve bought a boat.  It’s been on the hard for a long time.  You’ve arranged for a mechanic to give the motor a going over, but what about the fuel tank?  How old is the fuel?  Has the fuel broken down and is it full of contamination?

As boaters, we all understand the need for preparation.  After all, our lives, and the lives of our crew depend upon it.  Don’t leave the health of your fuel to chance.  Have your fuel polished and checked for suitability.  Make sure your fuel is clean and reliable.  Your engines, and you, are relying on it!    
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